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Easy Flow Paint Pouring Panel - Black Primed

$ 25.00 $ 29.00

Brand: Cheadle Designs


  • Customized for Paint Pouring/Fluid Art
  • Arrive at your home Primed and Ready To Use!
  • Satisfaction Ensured
  • Excellent Quality Workmanship
  • Handmade with pride in the USA!

Publisher: Cheadle Designs LLC


STOP WASTING PAINT! With Easy Flow Paint Pouring Panels the amount of tipping and manipulating is drastically reduced.

Also with the curved edges the paint is pulled by gravity and it helps to PRODUCES CELLS!

Easy Flow Paint Pouring Panels are individually hand-made.

Easy Flow Paint Pouring Panels are made for paint pouring/fluid art but can also be used for other mixed media art.

Made with 1x2 pine (for cradle) and 1/2 inch mdf (medium density fiberboard ) for the top.
These paint pouring panels are 9" x 9" and feature a 2" deep wood cradle.
These panels are stretch resistant and are available primed white or black.

REMEMBER! The Easy Flow Paint Pouring Panels feature rounded edges which not only promote easier paint flow
they also help create cells in the paint because of the pull of gravity over the edges.

The Easy Flow Panels are ready to hang. No framing required!

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