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Daily Journal and Goal Setting: Happy Life Quest: An Inspired Life Through Journaling

Daily Journal and Goal Setting: Happy Life Quest: An Inspired Life Through Journaling

$ 9.99

Author: Rick Cheadle

Edition: Jou

ISBN: 1523826169

Number Of Pages: 236

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Details: Writing clarifies and focuses our minds. Every time we go through our list of goals or wants, we fuel ourselves up and are reminded of the intentions we’ve written down. The experience of what we truly want out of life becomes much more real. We can view, first hand, the things that we’ve created in our lives. It’s something which we can share with our friends and family as well as ourselves; the struggles we’ve had, and also the progress we’ve made along the way. From a practical standpoint, writing in this way is an invaluable tool. When you look at the presidents and CEO’s of major corporations, or great leaders in any area, they’re always reading and writing things down on paper. This is a habit that you can begin today. Right this moment, you can start pouring out your innermost emotions and ideas, developing your talents and skills with this incredible medium. Take an hour or two and discover how you think. Even ten minutes each day of going over meaningful experiences will help awaken an awareness within you. Those stories can help you master the power of influence. We’ve included inspirational/uplifting/interesting quotes and original artwork along the way. We hope you enjoy this journal as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. We believe that it can and will be for you, a revealing, empowering and fun practice bringing you joy and enlightenment. It’s amazing what can happen when you make the decision to put your pen to paper, and just start writing.

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