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cell creation fluid painting paint pouring

One of the most frequent questions I receive is “How do I make cells?”


My longstanding opinion is that it's all about the fluidity of each individual color and how they react with each other. This is what I have found to be  fundamental in cell creation.

But! Acrylic paint colors and their density relation are also important. When I am creating a pour I am thinking in terms of "How do I make the light layers break away from the darker colors and help them rise up and through to create "cells"  (think D.A. Sequeiros)

If you have the consistencies correct and you understand the paints density and how they react with each other, it's a beautiful thing.

Silicone and alcohol do make a difference but they are not a requirement for cell creation. 

This is a chart I came up with for myself and my students at my clinics.

The paints in this chart are the acrylic paints that come in tubes, not the high flow type of paints. All brands have varying densities so I recommend experimenting and making your own chart based on the paints that you use. This is a non-scientific guide so there is no guarantee of it’s accuracy.


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